The pros and cons of getting a guitar for your kid


Everybody wants their child to grow up smart and creative. But in order for that to happen, you’ll need to provide him or her with the right tools and materials. And I think out of all the instruments available right now, the guitar would be the best choice. You will find out in the following minutes why I think so.

It’s a well known fact that music stimulates the neural network of a kid’s brain, strengthening the connections between neurons, or their synapses as they are called. This way, through the simple act of playing the guitar, the kid will learn faster, think better and be capable of creating original music out of nothing, which is impressive on its own.

And this is also my first pro argument. Music lessons are great because your child has to work hard to memorize all the notes and the rules and that on top of all the homework he or she might have. It will improve problem-solving skills since music partitions have an intrinsic logic.

A possible downside of guitar playing is hard to find, in all honesty. However, there’s always the chance, like will all instruments or mandatory lessons, that your baby will hate guitar classes. If you have a hunch that might be the case with your child, don’t invest in the most expensive instrument the market has to offer, but rather go for a cheap one.

Speaking of choosing a guitar, when it comes to picking the best style for the fragile hands of a child, most parents tend to go for acoustic guitars or even ukulele, but I think a semi-acoustic guitar would be a much better choice. That’s because, in a lightweight body, you get all the benefits of both acoustic and electric guitars. Alternatively, it can be used with nylon strings.

Another benefit I think most parents will appreciate is the fact that through guitar-playing lessons, children will for sure learn the value of hard work, how to keep a schedule and the responsibility of having something to care for. Children who go to music classes will allocate their time to beneficial activities; they will socialize and not spend all of their time in front of the TV. Additionally, they will learn how to appreciate art and develop a good sense of style and a taste for the belle arts.

As a final thought, I can say with honesty that there are hardly any wrong sides to learning how to play guitar. So, if you or your kid are even remotely interested in this, find a teacher as soon as possible. The age of six is ideal because that’s when their mind is at its peak when it comes to learning abilities.

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