How to learn to play the banjo


If you want to learn to play the banjo, you should note that this is an easy task. It could be quite a fun and entertaining journey for one to take. However, as you might’ve noticed already, finding a starting point can be quite tricky if you don’t know where to look.

This is the reason why I put together this article so I can give you some peace of mind and to save you some time, which you can invest in experimenting with this unique instrument. It has this charming and particular sound that will for sure get stuck in your head for many years.

The first method most people try is the classic one – by finding a teacher in your area who can lay down the basics of the instrument for you. Unfortunately, I cannot strongly recommend this one as it can be expensive and it can take a lot of time. Besides, you will have to match the schedule of your teacher which is not always possible. However, you should know that learning to play the banjo on your own is an achievable task, so there’s no actual need for you to try this expensive alternative.

If you want to do it on your own, I suggest you focus on skills such as a good rhythm, and on changing the chords comfortably. If you have the time and energy, you should learn how to follow simple chord progressions without struggling. If you follow these directions, you’ll be a master of the instrument in no time.

My go-to resource when it comes to any field, not just learning to play an instrument, is the perennial Youtube. There you have hundreds, if not thousands of videos which can show you how to create sounds, what is a chord and how to properly hold the instrument. These online teachers don’t charge you a penny for their comprehensive lessons, and you can replay their videos as many times as you’d like.

The best part about YouTube is the fact that you can get a real feel of how your notes are supposed to sound like. This is a skill that you cannot learn from books because it involves sounds, and I feel like Youtube is giving you the chance to practice at your own pace and without any teacher or other students judging you.

My last tip for you is to go to a website that I’ve used many times in my quest to conquer this instrument. Joff Lowson’s site with the same name, like many others that you can find with a simple Google search, lays down the foundations simply and elegantly, which I see fit for beginners who have no idea what they’re doing.

My favorite part about this cool website is the fact that you have videos with audio, you have texts, you have PDFs, and even instructions on how to play some basic sounds. Which, in all honesty, I still use sometimes especially before I go camping with my friends or before I want to impress anyone I’m dating.

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